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Welcome to Greystone Veterinary Hospital! In our cozy reception area, you can grab a cold beverage, or a cup of coffee and relax prior to your pets appointment! Anything we can do to make you or your pet more comfortable during your short wait - please let us know!


Our spacious, bright examination room is clean and stocked with everything we need to examine your pet! He/she may even get a tasty treat while in the exam room! Dr.Kostal performs full, complete physical exams, including ear and eye exams as part of the routine wellness visit! Your pet will even get a report card!


If your pet needs medication, chances are we have it in stock in our fully stocked pharmacy! From pain medications to heart worm, flea and tick prevention to antibiotics and supplements, even prescription pet food - we have it all! If we don't have it in stock, we will have it next day, and can even mail it to you for your convenience!


If your pet needs surgery (routine or emergency), your pet will have his or her procedure done in our clean, professional surgical suite. All of our patients undergoing anesthesia are closely monitored, have an intravenous catheter in place for fluid and drug administration during surgery - just like a human hospital! Our surgical suite is kept clean and even has it's own air filtration system - all to make your pets procedure as safe as possible!


If your pet needs x-rays - we have you covered! Our digital x-ray system allows for fast, high quality x-rays at a fraction of the time. We can also quickly send your pets radiographs to a boarded radiologist for confirmation of suspected problems and a "second look"! We also have an ultrasound and an ultrasonographer that stops by frequently for complete abdominal scans!


Laser therapy offers a pain-free, surgery-free and side effect-free method of pain and inflammation control for pretty much any problem! Laser therapy has been effective in managing pain and inflammation associated with arthritis, back issues, skin diseases/infection. See our Laser therapy page for more information!


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  • "Dr. Kostal is great. She has been caring for my two dogs for several years now. She is approachable, and does quality work. Her fees seem better than others in the area, and she doesn't do unnecessary testing, just to run up the bill, like my last two vets did. I give her a thumbs up / 5 stars / 10 out of 10. Take a look at her total review history, she is liked by almost everyone !!!!!!"
    Peter Seven / Hills, OH

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